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  • WHO - Adults
  • WHAT - Group, Relationship/couples and individual therapy
  • WHERE - Virtual only in Massachusetts and Vermont
  • WHY - what brings you to therapy
  • WHEN - If you are looking for therapy there's probably a reason for you to be looking for more support
  • Therapists - clinical supervision, therapy for therapists, and consultation
  • Anxiety in most forms (Not OCD)
  • Life skills | life transitions | adjustments | changes
  • Body liberation | People in larger bodies | body acceptance
    • Challenges including weight stigma, anti fat bias, diet culture, self worth/self esteem, relationship with food, body image, sexuality related to size, discrimination in medical care or other settings, medical providers insisting on weight loss before treatment will be provided or as the treatment, health inequalities, accommodations, etc.
    • Affirming and welcoming space for all genders and no gender
    • GAS: Informed Consent model letters in two sessions as a stand alone service
  • Therapy for therapists
    • Supervision for therapists
    • Therapy for therapists
    • Consultation
  • Human relationships | relationship skills
    • Relationship challenges with intimate partners
      • Couples, throuples and polycules | Ethical non monogamy | open relationships | alternative relationships
    • Also available for relationship issues with roommates, bosses, family members, or any two or more people
  • Higher education
    • Faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, recent graduates
    • Life transitions, careers, relationship power dynamics with roommates or department heads, performance anxiety, adulting
  • Activists and social change makers
    • Social workers, non profit workers, union and other organizers
    • Do you have the "helping" sickness; are you a "savior"; are you paying the "passion tax", are you taking care of you before everyone else or after; burnout; managing for the long haul

Clinical Specialties List

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