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Fat Liberation Therapy Group



fat liberation therapy group

This group builds community, challenges the idea that the problems are located in us and not in systemic issues, creates an environment where the pain can be shared and lessened, everyone knows how fatphobic doctors are, and raises a fist in solidarity with other forms of radical acceptance.


This is an inclusive and affirming space.

We welcome you whether this is day one or day one thousand on your journey.


clinical supervision group

Inclusive justice based clinical work. Experience with multiple clinical arenas. non diagnostic non pathologizing, strengths based, trauma informed, community organizing and building


We specialize in social therapy, liberation and healing practices, and the expressive arts.


Led by clincians with over 50 years of collective experience with group, relationship, and individual therapy serving adults in private practice and community health

Three clinicians who have run departments in agencies, provided clinical supervision to licensed clinicians, pre licensed clincians, and interns. Decades of collective supervision experience.


chronic health issues therapy group

Looking for new ways to frame your experience? Isolation, grief, doubt, fear, and gaslighting by the medical community are sadly common experiences for those with chronic health issues, especially for multiply marginalized or oppressed people - belonging, community, validation, connection, being valued, commonalities, resources, and caring are the antidote!

This is an inclusive and affirming space.


Therapy group led by clinician with lived expertise



This group is a virtual group that meets weekly. Its not a drop in group, its a commitment to yourself and others in the group to come weekly and engage with what it means and what it is like to be fat in a world that assigns a financial value to the size of our bodies.

You would be joining us to be around other fat people in order to discuss, share, process, grow and develop your relationship with yourself, other fat people, society, doctors and medical providers, chairs, airplanes, workplaces and so much more. 

We don't have a curriculum of fat education, we have our experiences, needs and wants to guide our conversations. We do have lists of resources of all kinds, locally and nationally, if you would benefit from that. 

June 3 - August 26
Fat Lib Summer 2024.png

What is fat liberation? What does fat liberation mean?

Fat liberation is a social justice movement.


Fat liberation works against anti-fat bias, oppression, and discrimination. 


Fat liberation is a radical alternative to body positivity – and affirms the value of all people, regardless of weight or health.


Fat liberation understands and acknowledges that  anti-fat bias and discrimination have strong roots in anti-Black racism, colonialism, and classism. 


Discrimination against fat people shows up everywhere.


Fat liberation seeks to identify and name systemic anti-fat bias and individual prejudice, and to unlearn internalized fat bias and oppression.


Fat liberation not only seeks to normalize fat bodies, but to celebrate them.


Anti-fat bias / weight stigma:


The stigmatizing belief that all bodies no matter the genetic backgroup of the person should be thin. This is due to societal standards of beauty, fitness, and health.


Anti-fat bias has serious ramifications including discrimination, human relationships, and potentially life-threatening health disparities due to doctors refusing to treat people until they lose weight. Doctors also diagnose and treat people in different bodies based on assumptions that weight is the primary problem even if two people present with the same issues and one is thin and the other is fat.


Weight stigma frequently leads to fat people embracing and engaging in eating disorders or harmful eating and exercise practices in an attempt to lose weight to satisfy the demands of doctors and others.

Radical self-love:


Sonya Renee Taylor, poet, activist, and writer, is primarily responsible for the popularization of this word.


It critiques the ways systems of oppression act upon the body and  distributes esources to certain bodies over others in what she describes as “body terrorism.”


Radical self love insists on body liberation by recognizing the variety of experiences, including weight, size, race, age, (dis)ability, gender, attraction, and others.

She demands an eradication of body hatred and violence.



Fat activists treat the word fat as part of their self-identity, granting neutral and/or positive connotations to the term.

Body Positivity:


Corporations and influencers have co-opted body positivity. 


It is now primarily a marketing ploy that encourages people to buy things for beauty and self-satisfaction.


Critics say it perpetuates prioritizing appearance.


It requires people to individually deal with stigma and shame attached to fatness.


The alternative would be to use fat liberation to look at how fat bodies are treated by media, healthcare providers, employers, the fashion industry, etc.


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