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Clinical Supervision Group


fat liberation therapy group

This group builds community, challenges the idea that the problems are located in us and not in systemic issues, creates an environment where the pain can be shared and lessened, everyone knows how fatphobic doctors are, and raises a fist in solidarity with other forms of radical acceptance.


This is an inclusive and affirming space.

We welcome you whether this is day one or day one thousand on your journey.


clinical supervision group

Inclusive justice based clinical work. We have expertise in non-diagnostic non-pathologizing, strengths based, trauma informed clinical work. 


We specialize in social therapy, liberation and healing practices, and the expressive arts.


Led by clincians with over 50 years of collective experience with group, relationship, and individual therapy serving adults in private practice and community health.

These supervisors, including myself, have run departments in agencies, as well as provided clinical supervision to licensed clinicians, pre licensed clinicians, and interns, and have decades of collective supervision experience.


chronic health issues therapy group

Looking for new ways to frame your experience? Isolation, grief, doubt, fear, and gaslighting by the medical community are sadly common experiences for those with chronic health issues, especially for multiply marginalized or oppressed people - belonging, community, validation, connection, being valued, commonalities, resources, and caring are the antidote!

This is an inclusive and affirming space.


Therapy group led by clinician with lived expertise

Clinical Supervision

NOTE: The group is currently meeting from 3-4 PM on Tuesdays!
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Join the Clinical Supervision Group

Thanks for reaching out! Responses in 24-72 hours.

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