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Fat Dance Party

a flyer advertising a free virtual dance party for fat people. November Fridays and Sundays. Email fatdanceparty @ gmail for the link. All people welcome who are a medium fat or larger.

What is Fat Dance Party

Fat Dance Party is a free virtual offering for the community. It was started in 2023 by three people who had been in The Fat Freedom Foundation together. We offered a weekly virtual dance party for anyone who identified as fat.

Fat Dance Party was on hiatus for the summer and will start up again in November of 2023 with different hosts and multiple nights.

Fat Dance Party (US) has an offshoot in Australia and possibly one in England.

This is a movement and joy space for small fat and all people in larger bodies. All levels of mobility including none are welcome, and are just as valid as any and all types of dance; all genders are welcome; all marginalized and oppressed people are explicitly welcome. There is no class, there are no leaders, or dance moves, just people enjoying various kinds of music together. Participants are encouraged to offer playlists for the dances as well.

2023: Friday nights at 9 PM and Sunday nights at 8 PM

Eastern time

We also welcome fur friends/pets and babies.

Email FatDanceParty for more information. Google email.

Fat Dance Party is explicitly NOT part of Point Allerton Therapy except that they host this webpage.

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