Fees | Insurance

Group Therapy

Weekly Group, time limited

Group meets every week


Paid weekly

Monthly Group, time limited

Group meets once a month


Paid monthly

Weekly Group, prepaid

Group meets weekly for 16 weeks

$50/session | $750 total cost

Entire 16 week group is paid for upfront, one session is free

Masshealth / SSI / Low income

For clients on limited / fixed income

No predetermined discount

​Reasonable for your situation

25% of group can use sliding scale

Monthly billing is available

Ongoing Weekly Groups

Individual Therapy


$200 for required session and paperwork for new clients that use insurance

Base Rate / Fees
Weekly or every other week


Paid weekly

Sliding Scale

Sliding scale available if needed

Accepts three sliding scale clients at a time at this rate

$100 per session

November 2021: two openings

Masshealth / SSI / Low income

Reasonable sustainable rates for your circumstances. No preset discount.

Accepts three clients at a time in this category

November 2021: one opening

Prepaid, weekly or every other week

Pay for 25 weeks of therapy upfront

10% discount

$150x25=$3750     Discount rate: $3375

25% of group can use sliding scale

Sliding scale up to 50% off ($25 instead of $50 per group)


Point Allerton Therapy only takes one insurance. Taking more than one insurance company means more complicated work, which means higher costs to the business. By limiting the number of insurance companies we do business with, we can keep our costs low and can take more sliding scale clients at lower rates. Blue Cross pays higher fees to the therapist than any other insurance company and so we have chosen to work with them.

Most current update: They report it takes 15 days from the day paperwork is faxed until it is available in their systems. Waiting on Blue Cross to respond to the Contract Update.

Clinical Supervision