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Fees for Massachusetts and Vermont

Fee increases

The cost of living has increased significantly for everyone, therapists included.

Therapy fees pose challenges for many people, and for those who need lower cost therapy services, we recommend for most people.

Fees 2024

Group Therapy

$75 per group

sliding scale/equity pricing available

Individual Therapy

$225 per session

sliding scale/equity pricing available, limited reduced fee slots.

Relationship Therapy

$250 per session

sliding scale/equity pricing available, limited reduced fee slots.

Clinical Supervision Group

$75 per group

sliding scale/equity pricing available

Equity Pricing for Fat Liberation Therapy Group

Payment for services

Point Allerton Therapy accepts FSA, HSA, credit and debit cards. Superbills are provided on request. All clients are self-pay.

FSA and / or HSA: These accounts are offered by large corporations, sometimes as a regular benefit and sometimes in conjunction with high deductible insurance plans. They are designed to offset out-of-pocket health care costs, including mental health. You are welcome to use these funds to pay for therapy sessions just as you would a regular credit or debit card.


If you are not familiar with superbills, more information is below. 

By not working with insurance companies, Point Allerton gives you more decision power over your care.   This choice gives us the freedom to provide you with much more control over your treatment, including the number of sessions you can have, and treatment options that can be offered. It denies insurance companies access to a great deal of information about you.


At the same time, many people have no financial choice but to allow the trade off with insurance.

Taking insurance means significantly higher costs for the business, which as a small business, we have to pass on. It provides lower costs to consumers and clients while at the same time making it more expensive to provide services. This catch 22 is one that many therapy practices have to calculate in setting rates. Point Allerton Therapy would have to raise our rates even further in order to offset taking insurance. 

Point Allerton Therapy chooses to provide more long lasting effective creative solutions to people's emotional pain instead of being forced into insurance company approved "medical model", pathologizing and diagnosis based treatment. Many people are now so accustomed to the sub par treatment options that insurance companies will cover, where the standards of care and treatment are so low, that it can be hard to recognize that the things providers can provide are so limited, which makes it hard to challenge it, and hard to know that there are better alternatives when they are available and offered.


Private pay and self pay therapy keeps costs for the business lower, provides freedom of treatment options that are tailored to your needs, keeps your information secure, allows you to have control over the number of sessions provided, and makes it possible to have therapy and treatment not be controlled by people who have no experience or training to know what treatment options exist. 


Clients are charged directly for all services at time of service and are responsible for paying all fees directly to Point Allerton Therapy.

Point Allerton Therapy is out-of-network; there are no in network providers with any insurance company. The practice does not collect or store any insurance information, does not “convenience bill”, does not guarantee any reimbursement by an insurance policy, and does not complete any paperwork or phone calls for clients who seek out of network reimbursements. Providing the information to your insurance company and getting reimbursed are between you and the insurance company.


Relationship / couples therapy

Relationship or couples therapy is not considered a medically necessary service, so insurance does not cover it.

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