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Inclusive justice and
liberation based work


BIPOC, Latinx/Latine

I work with people of color and I know it's important for me to address, being a white therapist.

I have spent years working on my own racism; and I know it is not enough, I am not an expert and cannot be in this work. I work to be informed and educated, to be transparent and accountable, to admit mistakes and try to correct them.


My goal is to be someone you can grow to trust.

I have access to lists of providers of color in Massachusetts that I am happy to provide if you want to work with a clinician of color.
I work with and am familiar with ADHD. It is not an expertise of mine, although I am working on finding trainings that are well respected by the ND community.
I work with people who have low vision, mobility challenges, chronic health issues of all kinds. I do work on disability justice in our chronic health issues groups with clients, and am not an expert in disability work.
If you have needs or challenges that need accommodations, if you have questions about my work or values, if you want or need to know more in order to know if we are a good fit to work together, please contact me.

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We respond within 24-72 hours. Thanks for reaching out!

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