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Specialties: LGBTQIA+

As a queer therapist, I have years of experience working with queer and trans communities. 

GAS letters: provided on request as a standalone service or as part of therapy.

Are you queer or questioning?
Non binary?
Do you have multiple marginalized identities?
All LGBTQIA+ people are welcome and affirmed here.

LGBTQIA+ people are at a higher risk for dealing with shame, fear, discrimination, and adverse and traumatic events. There are health disparities linked to societal stigma, discrimination, and denial of  civil and human rights. Acceptance of sexual orientation and gender identity affects the mental health and safety of LGBTGIA+ people and all humanity. Queer folk experience emotional distress, stigmatization, victimization, discrimination and barriers to accessing healthcare.

We cannot relate only to the challenges of LGBTQIA+ people, although they are very real and some of them are serious - I also want to celebrate queerness in our work, however that works for you! We do need to deal with the pain, and, we don't benefit from staying there forever. Celebrating queer culture is a key component of mental health for LGBTQIA+ people!

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