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Equity pricing for fat liberation therapy group

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What is equity pricing?

How does equity pricing work? 

Traditional therapy business models rely on methods that create financial barriers for many.

Some individuals can easily afford treatment. For others, access to mental health services is challenging. For this reason, we are trying out an equitable pricing model. The point of equity pricing is to increase access to services while ensuring fair compensation, by asking clients to pay according to their available resources.

​This model acknowledges our different relationships with and access to financial resources and tells us we don’t earn our right to treatment.

Equitable pricing is also rooted in trust and compassion. Each person is encouraged to honor their own financial and psychological needs, which no one else can accurately measure. You are being asked to choose a plan not only with compassion for others, but compassion for yourself.

Point Allerton Therapy is building an evolving practice, and the use of this model for group is one way the practice is experimenting with a more equitable system as a practice; a business that prioritizes the intentional and ethical building of community wellness over the building of individual wealth.

When we take care of each other, we all thrive!

Point Allerton Therapy is asking those who have the ability to pay full fee or more to do so to ensure everyone has access to the group.

This model benefits financially privileged individuals by allowing them to invest their money in collective wellbeing. When you choose to pay the Tier 3 rate, a portion of the funds goes to provide access for participants experiencing financial hardship. This is a simple way for those whose identities have afforded them financial privilege to share with others.

This is an opportunity for mental health and financial health to exist together, and an opportunity for all of us to center healing in self and community wellbeing.

Point Allerton is offering multiple cost tiers that meet your needs and those of our community.
​Everyone planning to join the group will consider and reflects on their resources and will request the payment rate that matches their financial realities. The bottles below are provided to connect the principles of collective care to tangible dollar amounts. ​

There are two images below of three bottles, called Green Bottles, which represent financial status. Each image is similar, saying the same things in slightly different ways. Please look at the images and read what each bottle says. Pick the bottle that is the closest to your financial reality.​

Example: Tier 3 is for people who are able to add a little more to their payments to provide access to people who need community support in order to participate in the group.


Choose this option if you have limited resources and can benefit from community support.

People who are vulnerable to or have experienced systemic oppression.


The empty bottle. 


This rate supports the practice and clinician. It is not supporting others or asking for support. 

You are able to pay for yourself to access the group. 


Choose this option if you have resources to pay the standard rate and a little more to help those in our community with fewer resources.

Those who are able to pay a higher rate without experiencing hardship ensure that those who have fewer resources are able to pay an accessible rate for the group.

This is a simple way for those whose identities have afforded them financial privilege to share with others.

When we take care of each other, we all thrive!

The full bottle. 

Two versions of The Green Bottle
other bottles.png
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