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Specialties: Anxiety

If you deal with anxiety or you worry a lot, or maybe you react instead of respond to things, or possibly feel fear, or maybe are dealing with the repercussions ofavoidance.

Some people feel  anxiety in their body, like a racing heart or feeling hot.


Anxiety needs help if it interferes with life, school, work, or decision making

Do I have anxiety?
Do I need help or support for anxiety?
How do I know if I just worry a lot?
What can I do if I think I might have anxiety?

The fundamental question is if the worry or anxiety is bothering you, taking up a lot of space and time in your life or in your head, or perhaps people are telling you they think you might need to talk to a therapist about anxiety. Has anything changed in your life ? Are you  more worried than you used to be?

If these things are interfering in work, school or life, then talking to a professional can help.

Anxiety can show up as wanting or needing control. It can show up as avoiding things or people or bills. Anxiety can tell you that things are terrible when maybe they are only terrible in your head.  Do you worry about other people all the time? Does that bother people in your life? Anxiety can show up in a lot of ways.


Anxiety likes to be in charge. I like to talk about and to what I call the Anxiety Creature, and see what it feels it needs; to give the Anxiety Creature a name; to remind clients that frequently anxiety is a response to real challenges or concerns that need to be addressed. The Anxiety Creature may be getting in our way or causing problems, and we will discover together what is possible to do differently. Anxiety can be improved in various ways including movement, engagement with nature, meditation/mindfulness, medication, as well as planning, structure and routines.

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