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Therapy for adults in Massachusetts and Vermont

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Point Allerton Therapy provides virtual therapy services as well as clinical supervision in Massachusetts, and offers group, relationship/couples, and individual therapy for adults in Massachusetts and Vermont.

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Point Allerton Therapy is currently accepting new clients. Openings are early afternoon Mondays and Thursdays with very limited evening openings. 


Life skills | life transitions | adjustments | changes




Hi. My name is T.Lee Shostack. You say my first name like TEElee. My pronouns are She | They | Zee. It's so wonderful to meet you! I'm looking forward to learning more about you.

I have been a therapist and social worker in training and practice since 2011.

Let's work on who you were, who you are, and who you are becoming; talk about the narrative that has developed about your life and if that narrative aligns with your values; do you want to explore how the "isms" are affecting you and your mental health? I am passionate about using liberation, justice, healing, affirming and inclusive lenses in my clinical work. Read more of my webpage to have a better sense of how that looks in different areas of my services.

  • Registered Health at Every Size® (HAES) provider with The Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH)
  • Narrative Training Institute: An "Ambassador" of the Narrative Worldview. "Members of our community who have, over the years, demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the narrative worldview and who have helped us grow our community of individuals dedicated to making the helping practices more socially just, collaborative, and accountable."
  • Boston Liberation Health: long term member


Prior to opening Point Allerton Therapy I worked in community health. I have expertise in working with people dealing with anxiety, people in higher education, those experiencing a variety of life changes, human relationships of all kinds and communication skills. I specialize in working with people in bigger bodies, LGBTQ+, ethical non monogamy, and other therapists. 

My experience is in community health and private practice, working with trauma, medical social work, group and individual therapy, chronic health issues, and anxiety. I have provided group and individual clinical supervision for social workers in group therapy, and mental health.


My practice has been open for almost three years. Opening my own practice gives me the opportunity to focus on the work I love the most and find the most satisfying.


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Virtual Only Practice in Massachusetts


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