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Available Services

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Supervision for social workers

in Massachusetts, group supervision meets every other week

Weekly individual supervision available if needed for license

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Relationship Therapy

Are you in a relationship? With one person or three or thirty, whether dating or poly, ethical non monogamy, any gender, any sexual orientation.

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Fat Liberation and HAES

Weight neutral, body positive, weight inclusive, fat liberation, body liberation - what terms have you heard and prefer? Group therapy. Weekly and monthly groups.

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Chronic health issues?

Chronic pain?

Forming a group for people who are in it for the long haul and who need ongoing support.

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GAS Letters

Do you need a letter for gender affirming surgery? I provide stand alone letters in two sessions based on the Informed Consent model.

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Do you have goals that are hard to meet, things you want to accomplish, find it easy to start but hard to finish for a variety of reasons, want an accountability partner, need some help with barriers? There are a lot of reasons to want a coach to help with these things.

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Point Allerton Therapy is available for short term consulting work. Rates vary based on the work.

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College Students

Peer relationships, gender, anxiety, depression, life transitions, career questions, body image, self confidence, existential questions; these are some of the most frequent challenges college students bring. What would you like support with?

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Individual Therapy

Weekly or every other week individual therapy.

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My favorite outdated identity word is dyke.

However you identify yourself, whatever your pronouns, whatever stage you are at in your journey.

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Group Therapy

Our preferred mode of work. We have a HAES group and are looking to run a Chronic group, a Recovery group, a group for queer folk, so please get in touch if you are interested.

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Substance use

Treatment for people with more than six months in recovery. Harm reduction group therapy. For people who have a treatment team and a support network.

Alternative to 12 steps.

One of the things I am passionate about is inclusion and access. I believe that cost, location, bathrooms, stairs, language, public transportation, gender, race, size, and many other factors can be a barrier to care, and in my practice I work to remove barriers. By providing a virtual only practice at this time, it's reducing a number of barriers to access care. If you have access needs, please state them.


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