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Available Services


Supervision for social workers

in Massachusetts, group supervision meets every week

Weekly individual supervision available if needed for license

Relationship Therapy

Are you in a relationship? With one person or three or thirty, whether dating or poly, ethical non monogamy, any gender, any sexual orientation.

Fat Liberation and HAES

Weight neutral, body positive, weight inclusive, fat liberation, body liberation - what terms have you heard and prefer? Group therapy. Weekly group.


Chronic health issues?

Chronic pain?

Weekly group for people with a variety of chronic health issues to provide support, validation, create community

GAS Letters

Do you need a letter for gender affirming surgery? I provide stand alone letters in two sessions based on the Informed Consent model.


Offering very limited coaching opportunities


Point Allerton Therapy is available for short term consulting work. Rates vary based on the work.

College Students

Peer relationships, gender, anxiety, depression, life transitions, career questions, body image, self confidence, existential questions; these are some of the most frequent challenges college students bring. What would you like support with?

Individual Therapy

Weekly or every other week individual therapy.


My favorite outdated identity word is dyke.

However you identify yourself, whatever your pronouns, whatever stage you are at in your journey.

Group Therapy

Our preferred mode of work. Currently offering a Clinical Supervision Group, a Fat Liberation Group, and a Chronic Heath Issues group

Substance use

 For people who have a treatment team and a support network.

Alternative to 12 steps.

One of the things I am passionate about is inclusion and access. I believe that cost, location, bathrooms, stairs, language, public transportation, gender, race, size, and many other factors can be a barrier to care, and in my practice I work to remove barriers. By providing a virtual only practice at this time, it's reducing a number of barriers to access care. If you have access needs, please state them.


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