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Areas I work with that are not a primary focus of the practice

Therapy for therapists
Substance us


Therapy for Therapists
Supervision for therapists
Consultation for therapists
Point Allerton Therapy offers supervision for licensed therapists, therapy for therapists and consultation services. 
Those of us that do this work need support and space. Our work is emotionally draining, can be frustrating or heartbreaking, and depending on our caseloads, overwhelming as well. We can work together individually or in groups.
Therapy is a key aspect of professional identity. Participating in the services we offer is a critical component of our expertise.
  • Stress, burnout, and radical self-care
    • Bubble baths are not enough
  • Processing emotions from our clinical work
    • We hold a lot of and for our clients and require space and caring for those feelings as well as our own
  • Work / life balance
    • Are you paying a passion tax
  • Systemic issues in the field
    • How have therapists contributed to marginalization and oppression
    • What values do you hold dear
Substance Use

I have years of experience and expertise in treating substance use through a variety of techniques and methodologies.

A Recovery Team is key to this process, and would include a professional treatment team, a support network of friends and peers, and a stable long term living situation that supports recovery where no one is using substances or engaging in activities related to substance use that are harmful. This would
include group and individual therapy, a mental health medication provider, a recovery coach or peer, medication assisted treatment for opiates, and engagement with evidence based peer groups such as lifering or smart recovery.
Working with me is aimed at people who have more than six months in recovery. My work is an alternative to 12 step and religious based recovery, and the focus is on harm reduction not abstinence. My background in community health substance use treatment, harm reduction, SOAP, crisis stabilization, and outpatient addictions give me the tools to work with you successfully on your continued recovery.

Substance use is most often a response to trauma, and trauma treatment is a critical part of recovery.



What is your experience with depression? Is depression something that shows up in your life in the wintertime? Are you a person with multiple oppressed / marginalized identities?


Sometimes depression is the only sensible-feeling response to an insane world.

Depending on how intense the depression is, we will work on different goals to help get you help get you back to what well-being means for you as quickly as possible, or help you to navigate the blocks and barriers depression puts in the way.


Depression can be a response to hard situations that feel like there is no solution.


Let's meet your depression together and see what works for you.


I have worked with refugees from Africa, the Middle East, Vietnam, and Russia. Most often I work with children of immigrants who are in conflict with their parents over assimilation, acculturation, expectations, needs and wants.

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